Planning and achieving.

I am working on planning and organizing my life for more than 2 years now. I was struggling a lot with this. I still fight with myself sometimes. The plan will always be only a plan. You have to put a lot of effort to implement it. Nevertheless, planning gives us the opportunity to MAKE... Continue Reading →


I’m an addict.

There are so many things we're addicted to but have no idea we are. We think chatting or IMing it's okay. We can control them. We can always turn it off and do some important work. From my experience — it is not a case in most situations. Of course, some of us can. Then... Continue Reading →

The Wi-Fi.

The moment you're getting an email, a Facebook message, like, tweet, Instagram post from a friend of yours, snap or whatever. Doesn't it feel exciting? Don't you curious about what's it about? Feeling the urge to check it out at the very moment you got the notification? Scrolling your Facebook feed 15 times a day each... Continue Reading →

ADHD will it ever end?

I recently discovered I still have a disorder I had when I was a child. It's commonly known as ADHD or ADD. I was not diagnosed then, they told my mum it's been something like ADHD but not the same ailment, I've been just very active and energetic kid. I don't know why they didn't notice... Continue Reading →

stop for a moment and breathe

We are way smaller than we think we are. We take less space than we think than our body's take. We are connected to the world around us. We cannot live without others. To live with them well there is a simple practice that can help with it. I’m not very advanced in this topic... Continue Reading →


New year, new me, new blog. This blog is about my thoughts on the world, personal development, handling everyday life and that kind of ideas. I might add some devy topics in the future since I'm a software developer, but for now, I'm not yet comfortable with blogging about the technology. I've been posting on... Continue Reading →

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