Many people are chasing the perfection don't even noticing it. For some of us this is not the good way

the No Limit attitude

8th day of June. I'm not perfect. Should start from 1st of June You need no limit! Commercials say we should have endless possibilities. It's not worth compromising. The safety, comfort, feeling confident - those are the values YOU NEED and YOU can HAVE them. And look: at Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, any social media. At Others.... Continue Reading →

Begginings I have to let go. For a while at least. Beginnings are usually hard. Especially when you want to do everything. Especially when you want to do all at once. And want to do it NOW. It doesn't work this way. Everything needs to have it's own room both in space and time. Sometimes you have... Continue Reading →

DSP#1- about project

Today I want to share with you the project I'm working on. The app is almost done, at least the basic functionality. I want to polish it though and make it even better and also learn much about the .NET framework and AngularJS. I have lot things to do anyway. Basic concept of the app My aim is... Continue Reading →

DSP#0 – Get Noticed!

Hello, I'm Natalie, I work as a .NET developer. I'm also almost done with my Bachelor's diploma thesis. I want to share it with you. I want to share it with the world. I decided to take a part in the Get Noticed! (pl: Daj Się Poznać) competition organized by polish programmer, Maciej Aniserowicz. The main part of... Continue Reading →

books i’m reading and wanna read

I've always had hard times if it comes to reading books. I couldn't focus and so on. Nowadays, fortunately, we've got services such as and so it's easier than ever for me. Some books I'm still reading in paper form, some of them also I have in ebook on my kindle or my... Continue Reading →

Mind is not a storage.

At least mine. I've always had a tough time remembering things by heart. I just felt like it's so unnatural or unnecessary. I was quickly bored with the process of 'learning' and ended up doing millions of other things after all. I was never a bad student. I just had to understand the term during... Continue Reading →

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