mind strength training

great way to strenghten our mind and emotional inteligence.


task management tool as your ENEMY

I'm pretty sure you have those moments sometimes that you can't get the things together. Everything is falling apart. Hundreds or thousands of things to do in your task management tool such as Todoist or Nozbe* or just billions sheets of paper/sticky notes or whatever tool you use to keep track on your to-dos. I... Continue Reading →

trying hard to be achiever

I wanted to write a post about how I became an achiever. A few easy solutions...  But I haven't become finisher yet. I became more focused on completing tasks though. Anyway, that's definitely positive :). I had a different topic for this week's post.  And I'll publish it next week probably. We'll see. But today let's talk... Continue Reading →

books i’m reading and wanna read

I've always had hard times if it comes to reading books. I couldn't focus and so on. Nowadays, fortunately, we've got services such as audible.com and audioteka.pl so it's easier than ever for me. Some books I'm still reading in paper form, some of them also I have in ebook on my kindle or my... Continue Reading →

Planning and achieving.

I am working on planning and organizing my life for more than 2 years now. I was struggling a lot with this. I still fight with myself sometimes. The plan will always be only a plan. You have to put a lot of effort to implement it. Nevertheless, planning gives us the opportunity to MAKE... Continue Reading →

The Wi-Fi.

The moment you're getting an email, a Facebook message, like, tweet, Instagram post from a friend of yours, snap or whatever. Doesn't it feel exciting? Don't you curious about what's it about? Feeling the urge to check it out at the very moment you got the notification? Scrolling your Facebook feed 15 times a day each... Continue Reading →

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