it was amazing!

Taking care of yourself is very important. If you don’t feeling your best it’s hard to do anything for others. It's also difficult to reach your goals and even make your dreams and plans come true. To have that in mind I've recently been to Woodstock Festival. It was a great experience as I've been... Continue Reading →

update – things I’m doing currently

Hello! Lately, I had been busy with some things. Due to that today's post will be quite short. I was recovering after the diploma defense exam. Also, I wanted to transfer the blog to my personal domain and hosting to make it more of independent. I hope you soon to be able to browse Continue Reading →

Begginings I have to let go. For a while at least. Beginnings are usually hard. Especially when you want to do everything. Especially when you want to do all at once. And want to do it NOW. It doesn't work this way. Everything needs to have it's own room both in space and time. Sometimes you have... Continue Reading →


New year, new me, new blog. This blog is about my thoughts on the world, personal development, handling everyday life and that kind of ideas. I might add some devy topics in the future since I'm a software developer, but for now, I'm not yet comfortable with blogging about the technology. I've been posting on... Continue Reading →

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