task management tool as your ENEMY

I'm pretty sure you have those moments sometimes that you can't get the things together. Everything is falling apart. Hundreds or thousands of things to do in your task management tool such as Todoist or Nozbe* or just billions sheets of paper/sticky notes or whatever tool you use to keep track on your to-dos. I... Continue Reading →


Mind is not a storage.

At least mine. I've always had a tough time remembering things by heart. I just felt like it's so unnatural or unnecessary. I was quickly bored with the process of 'learning' and ended up doing millions of other things after all. I was never a bad student. I just had to understand the term during... Continue Reading →

ADHD will it ever end?

I recently discovered I still have a disorder I had when I was a child. It's commonly known as ADHD or ADD. I was not diagnosed then, they told my mum it's been something like ADHD but not the same ailment, I've been just very active and energetic kid. I don't know why they didn't notice... Continue Reading →

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