task management tool as your ENEMY

I’m pretty sure you have those moments sometimes that you can’t get the things together. Everything is falling apart. Hundreds or thousands of things to do in your task management tool such as Todoist or Nozbe* or just billions sheets of paper/sticky notes or whatever tool you use to keep track on your to-dos. I have that too.

I’m having it pretty often lately. And then even my favorite tool becomes the worst enemy.

how to deal with the enemy?

What I’m doing is just to take it easy, do what’s the most important. In that case less is more. Delete as much as I can, schedule if it’s necessary thing to do but can be done later.

Right now I’m in the train going for Woodstock Music Festival. That’s another thing to do. Go away and chill a bit.

Meditate a little. Don’t stress out on everything. Just chill out and rest to be back, ready to tackle harder tasks.

That is why there were no post at Monday and it’s so late.



*it’s affiliate link, you get some discount and I get something for referring Nozbe to you 🙂


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