me as a working student in IT

As you might know, I have finally defended a bachelor's thesis. So now I am the engineer 🙂 not student anymore. For a while. But it's not what I wanted to talk today. In this post, I wanted to sum up some of the experiences I had during the university days. It's quite common nowadays to... Continue Reading →


update – things I’m doing currently

Hello! Lately, I had been busy with some things. Due to that today's post will be quite short. I was recovering after the diploma defense exam. Also, I wanted to transfer the blog to my personal domain and hosting to make it more of independent. I hope you soon to be able to browse Continue Reading →

trying hard to be achiever

I wanted to write a post about how I became an achiever. A few easy solutions...  But I haven't become finisher yet. I became more focused on completing tasks though. Anyway, that's definitely positive :). I had a different topic for this week's post.  And I'll publish it next week probably. We'll see. But today let's talk... Continue Reading →

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