my work experiences so far

I started working in November 2015. It's the 3rd company now as a junior dev in my career. Let's see what I got from working in 3 very different places. First, a small company in Opole. I was happy getting my first IT job. Being programmer after part-time jobs was a nice change. It changed... Continue Reading →

Many people are chasing the perfection don't even noticing it. For some of us this is not the good way

the No Limit attitude

8th day of June. I'm not perfect. Should start from 1st of June You need no limit! Commercials say we should have endless possibilities. It's not worth compromising. The safety, comfort, feeling confident - those are the values YOU NEED and YOU can HAVE them. And look: at Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, any social media. At Others.... Continue Reading →

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