DSP#0 – Get Noticed!



I’m Natalie, I work as a .NET developer. I’m also almost done with my Bachelor’s diploma thesis. I want to share it with you. I want to share it with the world.

I decided to take a part in the Get Noticed! (pl: Daj Się Poznać) competition organized by polish programmer, Maciej Aniserowicz. The main part of the competition is being blogging and developing the application for 10 weeks in total.

So according to that requirement, I’m gonna post 2 posts weekly about IT: at least one on the project related topics, the second one might be related with other IT related thoughts.

So far I’ve developed project as a practical part of my thesis, but I want to polish it and implement more features since I have a lot of ideas for expanding the application usability.

It’s not the best app in the world if we take into account many factors, such as architecture, performance and many more. Keep in mind that I’m not professional yet. Just becoming one (soon I hope).

Considering “done is better than perfect” I think I’m ahead of some other people already. I will be grateful though for any constructive critique. So don’t hesitate to leave the comment down below or react in any other way if you have some thoughts on the app itself or rather on this kind of activities.

On this page you can find all links to the important stuff such as github repository and posts I created so far – to keep it in one place if you’re only interested in this topic on my blog.

As always

Peace and love!

Natalie 🙂


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