DSP#2 – Struggling with the ‘easy’ stuff

Below you can see how much solution files I've created lately. Some of them I've deleted already, moved to different location or so. You can think, what's so hard with creating a project? Well, every time it's the same - I'm clicking File>New Project, then choose a project type, give it a name, and start coding. Actually... Continue Reading →


DSP#1- about project

Today I want to share with you the project I'm working on. The app is almost done, at least the basic functionality. I want to polish it though and make it even better and also learn much about the .NET framework and AngularJS. I have lot things to do anyway. Basic concept of the app My aim is... Continue Reading →

DSP#0 – Get Noticed!

Hello, I'm Natalie, I work as a .NET developer. I'm also almost done with my Bachelor's diploma thesis. I want to share it with you. I want to share it with the world. I decided to take a part in the Get Noticed! (pl: Daj Się Poznać) competition organized by polish programmer, Maciej Aniserowicz. The main part of... Continue Reading →

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