Mind is not a storage.

At least mine.

I’ve always had a tough time remembering things by heart. I just felt like it’s so unnatural or unnecessary. I was quickly bored with the process of ‘learning’ and ended up doing millions of other things after all.

I was never a bad student. I just had to understand the term during classes and then the answers were just popping up in my head during exams. I needed some quick sessions sometimes to revision the material from a certain course but not so much if I understood material already. Sometimes I felt like that’s not me who remembers all of this.

My mind is great but only for processing. Not remembering things.

Now I know that the string type is immutable in C# not because I learned it but because I understood the process. And I can’t get done easy, someone would say, a task with just ‘fixing’ the view so it uses ASP.NET MVC instead of JS AJAX. Not because I don’t understand how to do it. But I’m getting lost in details. In the mess that I make in this simple tasks.

Even though my thesis went very well last week when I had few days off. I was so focused on creation, writing code.

My mind is great but only for processing. Not remembering things. Especially that I can Google it. Or look it up in some books. I love being a programmer. It’s not required that I remember all of the commands that I’m using. Enough that I can find them easily.

Does your mind work in a similar way?

Peace & Love,

Natalie 🙂


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