books i’m reading and wanna read

I've always had hard times if it comes to reading books. I couldn't focus and so on. Nowadays, fortunately, we've got services such as and so it's easier than ever for me. Some books I'm still reading in paper form, some of them also I have in ebook on my kindle or my... Continue Reading →

Why do we think we need debt to be alive?

Okay, Haven't posted anything here in awhile. This time I've got "good" excuse. This year valentine's day haven't ended well for me. I didn't think it'd be the best valentine's ever but I couldn't predict it would be that way. So, I fainted at the dentist appointment. It was hard to make me stand on my... Continue Reading →

Mind is not a storage.

At least mine. I've always had a tough time remembering things by heart. I just felt like it's so unnatural or unnecessary. I was quickly bored with the process of 'learning' and ended up doing millions of other things after all. I was never a bad student. I just had to understand the term during... Continue Reading →

Planning and achieving.

I am working on planning and organizing my life for more than 2 years now. I was struggling a lot with this. I still fight with myself sometimes. The plan will always be only a plan. You have to put a lot of effort to implement it. Nevertheless, planning gives us the opportunity to MAKE... Continue Reading →

I’m an addict.

There are so many things we're addicted to but have no idea we are. We think chatting or IMing it's okay. We can control them. We can always turn it off and do some important work. From my experience — it is not a case in most situations. Of course, some of us can. Then... Continue Reading →

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