how to find peace and balance?

I tend to wish to control my life. It's not a good idea because I'm never satisfied. I'm trying to control everything and end up having no control at all. I need to remind myself to let go, chill out and control just enough to not to be lost in the woods. I've been to... Continue Reading →

it was amazing!

Taking care of yourself is very important. If you don’t feeling your best it’s hard to do anything for others. It's also difficult to reach your goals and even make your dreams and plans come true. To have that in mind I've recently been to Woodstock Festival. It was a great experience as I've been... Continue Reading →

task management tool as your ENEMY

I'm pretty sure you have those moments sometimes that you can't get the things together. Everything is falling apart. Hundreds or thousands of things to do in your task management tool such as Todoist or Nozbe* or just billions sheets of paper/sticky notes or whatever tool you use to keep track on your to-dos. I... Continue Reading →

me as a working student in IT

As you might know, I have finally defended a bachelor's thesis. So now I am the engineer 🙂 not student anymore. For a while. But it's not what I wanted to talk today. In this post, I wanted to sum up some of the experiences I had during the university days. It's quite common nowadays to... Continue Reading →

trying hard to be achiever

I wanted to write a post about how I became an achiever. A few easy solutions...  But I haven't become finisher yet. I became more focused on completing tasks though. Anyway, that's definitely positive :). I had a different topic for this week's post.  And I'll publish it next week probably. We'll see. But today let's talk... Continue Reading →

my work experiences so far

I started working in November 2015. It's the 3rd company now as a junior dev in my career. Let's see what I got from working in 3 very different places. First, a small company in Opole. I was happy getting my first IT job. Being programmer after part-time jobs was a nice change. It changed... Continue Reading →

Many people are chasing the perfection don't even noticing it. For some of us this is not the good way

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